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Argentine Tango is world renowned as the ultimate romantic dance.  The very word Tango invokes sophistication, culture, emotion and romance.  It is one of the most known of and popular social dances in the world.  Those that practice Tango have a common love and passion for the dance that is rarely seen in other dance styles.

Also referred to as: Tango, Milonga, Tango Vals, Nuevo Tango, Apilado Tango, Milonguero Tango, Confiteria Tango, Traditional Tango

Difficulty and Physical Demands of Argentine Tango

Difficulty Level: Challenging

Argentine Tango is often referred to as ‘The Dancers Dance’ and is known for being complex and difficult to learn.  Those that do Argentine Tango however typically believe the rewards of the dance are well worth the effort.

Phycical Demands: Low

Social Argentine Tango is relatively gentle and physically undemanding.  The dance is fundamentally built upon walking and is suitable for practically anybody, at a social level.


Examples of Traditional Tango Music

These are examples of typical traditional Tango Music.


Tango music is a form of classical music and is known for its complexity.

Examples of “Tango Electronica” Tango Music

Tango Electronica is a fusion of traditional tango rhythms and instruments with modern electronic music.

Examples of Social Argentine Tango

The following videos show typical social Argentine Tango.  Even the couples who appear to be performing to a crowd are improvising in a way that is typical for social Tango dancing.


Social Argentine Tango is improvised lead-follow dancing, not choreographed.  This means there is no set sequence of steps but rather the leader improvises a series of dance patterns which the follower follows.  Improvised lead-follow dancing is what makes Argentine Tango such a great social activity because every leader can dance with every follower, even if they never met each other before.


Don't worry if improvised lead-follow dancing sounds confusing now, it’s not difficult and your teachers will explain it all when you start classes.

Examples of Stage Argentine Tango

The following videos show typical Stage Argentine Tango.  Stage Argentine Tango is usually choreographed meaning the sequence of steps and movements are planned, rehearsed and performed to a specific song.


Performance Argentine Tango often includes complicated legwork, lifts and dips.  The difficulty and physical demands are much greater than social dancing.  Performance Salsa is what you are most likely to see on shows like Dancing with the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance.

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