Partner Dance Class Advice

Partner Dance Class Advice


To ensure you are super-popular and have a great time in dance class here is some valuable Partner Dance Class Advice.


Personal Hygiene

Partner dancing requires you to get up close and in each others personal space.  So with this in mind it’s a good idea to make sure that if your partner can smell you, you smell good.

  • Brush your teeth before class, or use mouthwash and breath mints.
  • Make sure you shower before class, or if this isn’t possible wear good deodorant
  • If you are going straight from work take a spare t-shirt or change of shirt so you don’t smell
  • Wear a nice cologne or perfume, but not too heavy

These things might seem obvious but when you are rushing from a hard day at work to get to dance class on time you can often forget.


Be the person who always smells nice.


Don’t try to teach the other students

Students trying to teach each other is not a good idea in partner dancing.


Even if you feel like you know what’s going on, or what your partner should be doing, best to let the teacher do the teaching so people don’t get the wrong idea about you.  Never blame your partner if things don’t work, it could be something you are doing as well.  When you ask the teacher for advice, always say “we have a problem” or “we can’t do it” or “can you help us” even if you do believe it is all your partners fault.  Remember everybody is learning and everything you do to help make people feel more comfortable goes a long way.  People remember these things.  Be that great person who made everybody feel ok about learning.


Be on Time

Being on time is respectful to your teachers and your fellow students.  Plan to be at class 10 minutes early so you can chill out a little and get into the right frame of mind.  It’s never helpful to arrive at class late and flustered, especially when you are first learning.  You will be happier if you arrive on time or a little early.


Be Polite and Encouraging

Remember that everybody in your class is going to be learning, just like you.  They will be anxious and nervous, and they will struggle at times, as we all do.  No matter what happens, if you are polite and encouraging, people will like you.  Everybody gets better and nobody remembers how good or bad at dancing you were in the beginning, but they will remember how you made them feel, so make them feel good, and then you will feel good.


Don’t Be Too Hard on Yourself

Finally and most importantly, don’t be too hard on yourself.  It’s ok if you don’t master dancing on your first day, or in your first month.  Learning to dance is a process that takes time.  Its likely that you are going to be changing years of habitual movement, exploring the movement of your body in ways you never have before, coordinating not only your feet, body and arms, but doing it all in time to music while attached to another person.


Being able to dance well with a partner is an indescribably amazing experience, but it does take time to learn, so enjoy the journey and give yourself some credit.  By simply attending dance classes you have already taken a massive leap in the right direction.


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