Fear of Dancing

Fear of Dancing


The only people who can dance, are the ones who were taught how.

Everybody else is either afraid of dancing, or just happy to wiggle about and call it dancing.


If you are one of those who are afraid of dancing there is good news… dancing is a learned skill, everybody can learn to dance.


I have two left feet
(I have no coordination)


When people say “two left feet” we think they really mean “lack of coordination”, so let’s address this.


Coordination is a learned skill.  Think about it.  Babies can’t walk until they learn how and practice their co-ordination.  Sports stars don’t become sports stars without years of training and practice.  Dancers can’t dance until they learn how and practice their co-ordination.


If you can walk, climb stairs, get dressed, ride a bike or drive a car then you have co-ordination in those activities.  With lessons, guidance and practice, you will also develop dance coordination.


I can’t hear the beat


There are many people who say they can’t hear the beat of the music, I was once one of them.  But once somebody showed me how to hear the beat, it became easier.


It seems weird that you need to be taught to hear the beat because we expect hearing the beat should come naturally.  To some people it does, but to others it doesn’t.


People will laugh at me (fear of embarrassment)


We think this is the fear that stops most people from ever dancing.  It is what stops people dancing in nightclubs, socially at weddings, and it is the main reason people fear dance classes.


So let’s get this out up front.  People absolutely will not laugh at you!  We have been to hundreds of dance classes all over the world, in Canada, the United States, Australia, Asia, South America and Europe and we have never ever seen anybody get laughed at, ever.


This concern isn’t always about being laughed at literally, it’s about feeling silly and worrying that people think we look silly.  In our experience, most people in a dance class are so busy trying to figure out what they should be doing with themselves, they are unlikely to even notice you.


Remember, everybody in the class is going to be relatively at the same level as you, and they are all going to be a little nervous as well.


Guys don’t dance
(I’m afraid of what my friends will say)


More women than men dance, this is true.  Often men are afraid to learn to dance because of what their friends might say or think.  But dancing is one of the most masculine and attractive things a guy can do.  Women know this, and men who dance know this.  Sadly, because of this fear, many men will never know the awesomeness and empowerment of dance, but the ones that do definitely have more fun.


Not all guys will learn to dance, but those that do have more fun!


I have a sore arm, foot, back, neck, little toe, broke a fingernail


There are many dance styles that are quite physically demanding so it is important if you have health concerns to check with a medical specialist, physiotherapist, priest or whatever relevant medical practitioner you consult with about the type of physical activities you will be undertaking.


There are many dance styles that are not so physically demanding however.  Many students find that their health and fitness improve considerably having taken up dancing.


If you can walk, you can dance.


Use the Dance Style Guide to help you find a dance suitable for you.


I can’t dance


Of course you can’t.  That’s why you do classes.  We never met anybody who could dance without being taught how.  This is why dance classes exist and why you should attend them.  See Dance Myths Busted for some more insights on the fallacy of ‘natural dance ability’.


Final words


Everybody can learn to dance!


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