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Hustle was born in New York during the seventies disco era.  Disco Fox developed in Europe around the same time.  Both dances were influenced by Disco music and were made popular by movies of the seventies such as the famous Saturday Night Fever staring John Travolta.  Hustle / Disco Fox are great partner dances for clubs and parties because they can be danced to most modern pop music, and of course classic seventies Disco.  In this article we use the term Hustle in reference to both Hustle and Disco Fox.

Also referred to as: Hustle, The Hustle, New York Hustle, Manhattan Hustle, Latin Hustle, LA Hustle, Disco Hustle, Disco, Disco Fox, Discofox, Disco Swing, Syncopated Hustle, Three Count Hustle, Four Count Hustle

Difficulty and Physical Demands of Hustle

Difficulty Level: Easy

Hustle is relatively easy dance for beginners.

Phycical Demands: Low

At a social level Hustle is physically undemanding.

Examples of Music for Hustle Dancing

These are typical songs good for Hustle Dancing.

Examples of Social Hustle Dancing

The videos below show typical social Hustle dancing.  Social Hustle is improvised lead-follow dancing, not choreographed.  This means that there is no set sequence of steps but rather the leader improvises a series of dance patterns which the follower follows.  Improvised lead-follow dancing is what makes Hustle such a great social dance because every lead can dance with every follow, even if they never met each other before.  Don't worry if improvised lead-follow dancing sounds confusing now, it’s not difficult and your teachers will explain it all when you start learning.

Examples of Performance Hustle Dancing

These videos show typical performance (or competition) Hustle dancing.  Hustle performance dancing is usually choreographed meaning the sequence of steps and movements are pre-planned, rehearsed and performed to a specific song.  The difficulty and physical demands of performing and competing are often greater than social dancing.

Further Information About Hustle / Disco Fox Dancing


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