Getting Started

Learning to dance is one of the most rewarding things you can do.  WikiDance is all about helping you get into dancing and discovering how awesome life is, when you can dance!


Thinking about learning to dance?

If you are thinking about learning to dance but are still on the fence, then you must read these.  Of course we love dance, so we strongly encourage you to at least give dancing a shot. In our experience as dancers and teachers nobody ever regrets learning to dance, and most find it changes their lives in the most awesome ways.  Learning to dance will be one of the best decisions you ever made.


Deciding Which Dance to Learn?

So you want to learn to dance, but you are not sure which dance is right for you?  This is normal.  Different people like, and suit, different dance styles.  Choosing the right dance style for you will make learning easier and more enjoyable.  One of the main reasons we built WikiDance was to show you the diversity of dance styles taught today, and help you figure out which one to try first.  Of course if you don’t like a style after you try it, there are many more to chose from.


Deciding How to Learn?

Once you know what dance style you want to learn, you should decide how to learn it.  This depends somewhat on your reasons for learning to dance (see Why Learn to Dance).  We strongly recommend group classes as the preferred method of learning.  Private lessons are a great way to supplement your learning with more devoted attention from the teacher.  A private lesson or two before you start group classes can also be a great way to boost your confidence and get a head start.


What Next?

At first the most important thing is to just start attending classes and learning to dance.  Once you start learning and getting a little more confident there is a whole exciting world of dancing to explore.

  • Your First Social Dance
  • Social Dance Etiquette
  • Learning Multiple Dance Styles
  • Competition Dancing
  • Performance Dancing
  • Medals Systems
  • About Dance Partners


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