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The Dance Style Guide presents a wide range of the most popular dance styles taught today.  These styles are presented in a consistent and comparable way.


We use video rather than descriptions to show what the styles look like both socially, as you will learn it, and on stage, as you have probably seen it on television.


The Dance Style Guide is divided into Partner Dance Styles and Solo Dance Styles.  For advice on choosing a dance style see our article Choosing a Dance Style.  You can browse the styles from this page, or by using the Main Menu on the top left.


Each dance style page contains;


Videos of Social Dancing These videos have been selected because they provide a realistic look at how the dance is done and represents the sort of thing you are most likely to learn in classes.
Videos of Performance
These videos have been selected because they show the dance as it is performed on stage and on TV. This is most likely the sort of thing you have seen on TV shows or in productions.
Description of the Style Our descriptions are brief and aimed at beginners.
Difficulty Level Rating Describes and rates the typical difficulty of the style as it is taught at beginner levels.Complex, or highly technical dances are considered more difficult. Although more difficult dances are typically slower to progress in, they are often more rewarding.All dances usually get more difficult at higher, more advanced levels. This rating relates to the dance at beginner levels.
Physical Demands Rating Describes and rates the typical physical demands of the style as it is taught at beginner levels.Some dances are naturally gentle and not physically demanding, while others, even at the beginner level can be quite physically challenging.

Examples of Music It’s very important to like the music of a dance style you are going to learn. Here we provide examples of the sort of music the style is danced to.
Further Information Links to further information about the dance style.



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